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Consider it a place of belonging. Where you are understood. It’s a place where experts offer real life advice (yes, for free!). It’s a place to be inspired. And better yet? You are always invited. So, grab your morning java and join us… is not about Sue (you’re welcome), nor is it about shoes (sorry about that one). This site is about life’s journey—and the many shoes we all must wear as we race, trip, skip and stumble through the pathways before us. It’s about chins upward and glasses on constant-refill. It’s dependable positivity, guidance and belonging. It’s who we are.

InSuesShoes experts offer advice, walking the journey with you—from relationships to interior design to finance, nutrition, beauty, fitness and much more.

And Sue? She’ll provide consistent notes to show you are not alone in your daily journey. She’ll help you smile through life’s daily faux pas, kid stress, slow drivers, jars that won’t open, pet peeves and other general irritants.

At InSuesShoes we understand life balance is the goal. But we say life really is not at all about balance—it’s about staying steady, versatile and strong amidst life’s inevitable imbalance. We might trip over a mirage, but we can laugh along the way.

No matter the shoes you’re walking in today, you came to the right place.
Welcome to You belong here.

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