BOOK CLUB – Aug. selection – Sleeping with Schubert



It’s the August ’19 Book Readers’ Selection!

Want to join along with us? This book is such a unique delight!

It seems that the legendary composer Franz Schubert is alive—well, sort of—in the twenty-first century: His soul has taken up residence in the body of Brooklyn lawyer Liza Durbin. Even more astonishing, so has his prodigious gift. A mediocre pianist at best as a child, Liza can suddenly pound out concertos and compose masterly music out of the blue. But how can a brilliant male Austrian composer from the nineteenth century coexist in the everyday life of a modern American woman? And how can Liza explain what’s happened to her without everyone thinking she’s gone off the deep end?

$13.95 for paperback

$29.90 for hardcover

$4.99 for kindle